Client: Bomba Energy —————
My role: Art Direction

Online Product Brochure

Bomba Energy

Bomba Energy is a new energy drink that is just beginning to trade on the Czech market. It comes in 7 different flavours and aside other energy drinks in the market it is distinguished mainly by it’s finest design - glass bottles and explosive opening mechanism; both awarded by the prestigious Shine Awards in London.

The Brief

The folks from Bomba Energy approached me with a need of practically everything. Together, we managed to take care of this all in less than 2 months. We started by taking care of the logo and redefining the brand for the Czech market, while also working on various photo shoots, the website and marketing materials such as business cards, leaflets, posters etc.

In the end, we even managed to create our own handmade explosive t‑shirts, creating a tasting stand including Bomba Energy samples, as well as organising a Bomba Party (with a surf simulator!).

The Web

The main goal of the website is to present the Bomba Energy drink and it’s seven flavours to the customers as a new, luxurious yet playful and creative product in a simplistic clean online catalogue. I chose to build the design based on the significant elements of the product – its bottle design and variety of flavors. Therefore, we show the product as grand as possible including the colors that belong to it.

Nope, we have not forgotten about the mobile users!

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