Client: Socialbakers —————
Agency: Symbio —————
My role: Web Design

The World’s Best Social
Media Conference

Engage Prague

Engage Prague is a three-day long conference organized by Socialbakers, one of the industry leaders in social media analytics. For folks at SYMBIO agency, I created a web design for the event and since this conference is a project full of life and changes, I took care of its further updates and edits, too.

Window Toolbar

For the project I created more than 15 versions of the homepage. In total, there was over 25 different pages, each of them having their own unique layout and content.

The purpose of the site was clear from the very beginning – to make people
purchase the tickets. With this in my mind, I designed every page of
the web in a clean and simple way while maintaining
the playful and interactive elements at
the same time, and everything
responsive, of course.

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